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Traguna, macoides, tracorum sadis dee... Jun. 20th, 2007 @ 07:09 am
My aunt is out of town, leaving my grandmother to babysit my little cousin. Concerned with leaving a grumpy old woman who can't play very well in charge of a happy, playful toddler, she asked me to go by and visit her son. To my surprise I found both of them in a happy mood when I arrived, my cousin dutifully eating his dinner (which is unusual for him). So I had a good chat with my grandma while the tot ate pizza, and then he and I played.

We played with "fire candles" (which is what he calls his light-up toy guns) and pretended to do the magic spell from Bedknobs and Broomsticks (and to my surprise, he knew all the words to the spell, and also to my surprise, I remembered them also). We played ball, threw beanbags, and drove firetrucks. I gave him a piggyback ride and took him out to ride his new bicycle (also known as a motorcycle) around the neighborhood. I enjoy playing with kids, especially kids of this age, but I don't often have a close relationship with them. I think I've only ever had three other children (my brother and a set of twins who were the get of one of my mother's old friends) shout, "HEADERRRRR!!" excitedly whenever I appear. So fun. I'm going to try to stop by again Thursday.

My grandma gave me all the photos she'd been collecting of me, my whole life, while I was over there. Pictures of me and my family having adventures starting when I was a little pink amoeba and ending a few months after I landed my current job. I didn't even know she was making all these albums... she had pictures of my first dance teachers even, and pictures of things I don't even remember anymore, and somehow had pictures of plays that I was in when she wasn't even able to go watch them. She said she was getting old and wanted to make sure all of her stuff gets to the right people, starting with her pictures. That concerns me just a little bit. She's currently a pretty healthy, hardy old woman. I know that sometimes people just know when they're not going to be around for much longer and start getting their affairs in order, so I'm wondering if it's that, good measure, or just grandma being paranoid (which is not unusual either). Regardless, she's doing what she feels she needs to do right now. Considering that she and mother recently quit talking to each other (again), I'm hoping it's *not* one of those 'you just know' things. It would be terribly sad if grandma was not able to close affairs with mom, and they had to part on bad terms. Regardless, it was sweet of her to give me all those pictures... I had a good time going through them last night.
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Only Because You Like It... Jun. 19th, 2007 @ 01:36 pm
Only because you like it, you gluttons for punishment, am I remembering to post the most recent two most eventful encounters with Kid.

So, last weekend Kid comes home and bangs in the door asking us what to do if his gas is leaking from his car. We step out the front door and sure enough, there's a gas puddle under the car and the whole parking lot smells of gasoline fumes. Boy goes to the tank to look for the whole and try to block it with his hand and I send Kid to uniapeg's house to borrow a bucket to catch his gas in. He runs there like I suggest, but meanders back while talking on the cell phone. When he returns he is informed that the leak is in his gasket rather than his tank, so he won't lose all of his gas. Against suggestion, he leaves the gas in the lot unattended while it drains and he eats dinner. We tried to tell him that people might steal his gasoline, but he wouldn't believe us. "Why would they steal my gas?" "Um... so they can USE it?" Eventually it drains. And eventually we convince him to move his collected gasoline onto the back porch instead of leaving it sitting in the parking lot. (It rains that night and ruins the gas anyway... oh well) Boy tells Kid that he should not drive it much until it is fixed because the gasoline can slosh around and slosh out, and sparks from the road might jump up and have access to the gasket or to any dripping gas. Always determined to keep asking until he receives a convenient answer, he calls the family mechanic who tells him (supposedly) that it's safe to drive. So now, he is driving it all over as though nothing happened with probably no plans to get it fixed.

This saga is repeated in elfinmischief's journal (poor guy), in part. I was luckily asleep through half of it. The gist is that Kid kept waking up Boy while he was sleeping and was being beligerent and stupid about it, and got kicked out for the night so Boy could get some sleep. I woke up at approximately 1:15 when the Kid, feelings and sensibility wounded by Boy (or somesuch silliness), runs downstairs into the bathroom, and locks the door. Banging ensues to get him out, and loud discussion and mild shouting follows that. I really don't know what he thought he was going to do in the bathroom, stay there all night? I walk downstairs to see what is going on and Kid yells at me "Go back upstairs! I'm getting kicked out! You deal with that!" Because it sounds as though Boy has it under control, I shrug and go back upstairs to listen. Eventually Kid heads out to his car shouting, "You can kick ME out, but you can't kick out your problems!" as though Boy were kicking him out because Boy had psychological issues, not because Kid did anything wrong. Of course. And then he called Boy a coward for no perceivable reason (unless Kid was bluffing about picking a fight, or upset that Boy refused to prolong the argument). And after he left, Kid texted me to tell me how awful I was for not standing up for him because he's family. Nevermind that he yelled at me to go away when I came into the room. I'm sure it will get more exciting when we get home and Kid is still upset, especially if he has gone off crying to our parents again. Poor Boy is still very upset, and by the time anyone makes Boy that upset I never blame Boy - he has the longest fuse on the planet. By the time someone makes him that angry, they brought it on themselves. Meanwhile, I'll sit here and email Boy pictures of cute rats and puppies to help him be a little happy...

Well, there you have it. Two semi-normal days in an abnormal household. AND JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU LIKED THE STORIES of our adventures with Kid. Kid the Kidd. That's seriously the only reason; I'd never have mentioned it otherwise.
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so embarassing Jun. 18th, 2007 @ 07:22 am
I swear... when my brother moves out I'm taking 1-2 days off work to sandblast the entire apartment clean.

Yick, yick, yick.

Someone came over to buy my old mattress this weekend. So embarassing. I hate it when people come over to visit anymore. My house is gross.

On a side note, I've come to the conclusion that I don't think there is any job, any where, that I would enjoy/tolerate 40 hours a week of. I think that what I need to do (when financial situations allow) is to wiggle myself into a position of having 2 or more enjoyable, well-paying part time jobs. I think I would last longer at that and so long as I have some buffer money for the transition it's a reasonable and acchievable goal. Technically, I could quit my job today and go back to stripping to pay for the transition, but I don't want to. Especially because I'd have to work at one of the better-paying city clubs for that, and while it's all right, it annoys me after a while. I like the small friendly places. (You know, the Cheers of tittie bars)
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Legal Music Use - help Jun. 16th, 2007 @ 10:57 am

Say you are performer (like mua) and want to use the name of a song title as a character or stage name. Is that legal? If I need permission for it, how do I get it? Say, for example, that I wanted to debut as... Penny Lane, or Rockin' Robin, or some other similar thing. Can I do that? How do I do that?

Similarly, if you're performing to music, how do you get permission to use the music? I know that if you don't charge, you don't have to worry. But what if you want to charge admission? Or at the very least accept tips? How do you do that?

I've googled for these things, and I've gone to some university and legal websites, and I'm not getting very far. If nothing else, I might just have to get PrePaid Legal or something so I can call and ask someone.

Help me!!
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If I were Queen of Camelot Jun. 13th, 2007 @ 07:24 am
On days when there are pleasant to loud rains:
1) The rains shall begin approximately half an hour before bedtime. Say, 9:00, for those those who get up very early in the a.m.

2) Said rains shall continue for at least four hours thereafter.

and, 3) Said rains shall be completed by 4:00 a.m.

According to my rules, when it does rain, we will all have nice music to sleep by and it won't try to bribe us to stay in bed in the morning. According to what USUALLY happens, the air masses and laws of physics dictate that normally, where I live, things occur in the exact opposite order.

How much sense does THAT make? Not any. That's how much.
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Other entries
» A Pox Upon Their Houses!
Being sick during con weekend sucks. Especially when it was The Con. MY con!! You know, the one where I do stuff. SoonerCon.

Boy had gotten sick, and gotten better, and then Tuesday afternoon he and I suddenly came down with the plague. Only I didn't realize I was sick until I was driving home with my carpool buddy and almost fainted. He had to take the wheel and yell at me to hit the brakes (probably why I didn't actually faint... I had to wake up and brake.) I haven't been sick like this since I was a little kid... fever over 100 deg (101 those first 2 days) and an infection that travels straight to my ears after a while. My eardrums were always stressed and bursting when I was kid. Long, long time since I'd been this sick with a phantom virus. Boy had it, too. Kid stayed away so he wouldn't catch it, finally came home Thursday and caught it (so he says... but he doesn't seem very sick to me). Saturday, when we are both starting to heal, Boy comes to tell me he has an eye infection. You are kidding me!!! That's Boy's 3rd disease back to back.

Anyway, we were off work Weds-Fri with this stuff. Boy never did show up for the con, having two plagues instead of one.

Friday I got re-cast by the understudy (which they scrambled and found on Thursday) because Janet, Brad, and Rocky didn't want to get sick. I was glad that they found someone willing so that the poor shmucks even had the option. I think I'd have done better (well, I had practice!!) but he knew the part, did a good job, and was a good sport about the whole thing. I didn't get to perform, but I got a free seat in the front row.

Saturday I came up and worked one of my two shifts at the con (carefully, with lots of sanitizer) and went back home to rest for the masquerade. Then I am told that I missed the costume contest while I was napping. I didn't want to waste my cool costume, so I have to save it for next year. I can't come in normal clothes because technically I'm a Toxic Goddess (and they were performing at the masquerade) so it would have been bad PR. Now, SinnerCon is my favorite part of the con!!! I was supposed to show up to reclaim my heavy weight title of SinnerCon Belle of the Ball, yanno. And I was technically supposed to be the official Party Girl to convince people to start dancing that night ("working"). I had my costume picked out a year ago (and already had my costume picked out for next year, even). I was so upset. Therefore I stayed home and did what every good nerd girl does when she's angry and can't sleep: I killed monsters on the computer until I was happy again. It was probably healthier for me, being sick, and it wasn't so bad because the Toxic Goddesses probably picked up my title while I was gone (which is good for all of us), but I was still disappointed.

Today I felt like the undead in the morning, but after breakfast, some meds, and a shower, have felt pretty good, and went to work my second shift at the con.

And so it was that all I ever saw of the con this year, and all I ever got to do (despite my responsibilities) was watch my Rocky Horror cast perform without me on Friday and take my shifts in the Green Room so that I maintained my volunteer status and free membership for next year. It's not bad, really, because I still got good company, and it was a good job, being a minion. One of the authors even gave me a book, the sweetheart, and I got some great free food.

But still. I was awfully bummed out because I had to miss so much. And I felt like I was letting people down in the process. But oh well. This is just one year. There will be more. And it wasn't so bad.

Though I might have to buy memberships to cons elsewhere to go play, and get my quota for the year. ConEstoga is coming up, and Chantria and Nodigio are going to FenCon. And there's a con in Texas this summer that will have Peter Mayhew as a guest (Boy might want to see Chewie!). And although it is far away and out of my normal realm of adventure, I am becoming more and more curious about FetishCon...
» Antici... ... ... ... pation
So, boys and girls, it appears for now that your SoonerCon performance of Rocky Horror this week won't be so bad.

Janet and Rocky have mostly gotten over the trauma of fondling each other.

We have finally given up on a reliable Eddie and double-cast Rocky.

No one has fallen over during the floor show.

I am proud of my created tin-foil/paperclip collar for Sweet Transvestite.

Rocky and I make great floating corpses.

Janet is really hot in her teddy.

Columbia can tap.

And although Brad threw his knee out and there are a few hectic loose ends... what would a Rocky showing be, without some chaos?

We're supposed to be in the Gazette tomorrow. If you want a seat, get on your pony... tickets may sell out. Because OKC has Rocky showings far too infrequently.
» It Doesn't Help
that I don't have an understanding of politics or even diplomacy, living with the exciting family that I have.

Because I have an idea of who talks to who, and who will say what, and sometimes (not often) I have a vague feeling of what will set off whats-their-name. Usually not. So then something must be done, but carefully, and it takes me forever to figure out how to do it. Because, surprise!! If I do 1, I will surely offend A. And A knows I plan to do this, and is fuming. But if I jump right in like A is fine with it, the problem will compound and so I must do quality control? Or disease prevention? or whatever, and take care of some other things first. I'm not sure what those things are or if there is anything I can do about it. I know that I could ask B or C, who seems to have a better head for the politicking of the family. But if I do, then D, E, F, or G might find out and misunderstand the situation. Spread the info around to H, I, or J who become mad at A or even myself for some reason I never understand. I think I might understand it better if I could vent, but if I vent to anyone the same problem occurs. If I vent to someone outside the family, word won't get around, but it probably won't help because I'll feel like they don't understand me and can never get the full picture. Only my family can even begin to understand what goes on inside it.

And it irritates me, leaving this thing hanging just because I don't know what to do about it. And it frustrates me, never understanding how other people function so that I can respond in kind.

See, my problem is that I am simple and reasonable and straight forward. I expect other people to be like that as well. I can call A, simply say, "you know, I am doing 1 for these reasons. I'm not doing it to offend you and this is important to me." I expect A to respond reasonably. It doesn't work that way and I go back to square one, only with A slightly more hurt and offended. And for anyone who would say that this should not bother me-you don't know me well enough. I can't blow people off like that. Especially the people who are dearest to me.

You know, I guess everyone thinks that they are simple, reasonable, and honest. No one thinks in the same way. I just like to think with my brain... I don't always understand the people who think with their hearts. I like to heal. I don't always understand the people who not only can't, but don't want to. I don't understand sitting back and allowing your emotions pull you through your life without stepping in and applying reason or trying to govern yourself in a more logical manner. I don't understand being so stubborn and set on hurt that you expect people to rearrange the most important events in their lives to suit your preferences, just because it's easier for you. And I'm sure that the people who I perceive to be that way don't understand me, either, and probably think that I am too selfish to see things from their perspective.

And maybe that is why I can only get along with A only if we have at least a mile or so between us most of the time.
» First Ladies of Rock
Heart got back together a few years ago, and in June of 2003 the world rejoiced as I paid way too much money and sprinted off to Houston on short notice to see them perform on Ann's birthday. The entire experience was very memorable (and one of the more random adventures I have had) and the performance was better than I'd have hoped for. We had seats so good someone tried to buy them from under us, the venue was cozy, the band walked right past us, looked right us. The guitarist hung out with my buddy Mohawk and Ann and Nancy wrote us a note after the show. It was amazing.

I still am a bit jealous of dad's story of watching them perform at the Orange Bowl in the 70s in the middle of a lightning storm, with thunder and lightning booming in time to the music, wind whipping the hair around Ann's face and singing with her into the mic.

And now they're here, in my favorite outdoor venue that has a sheltered stage, during rainy season.

Tonight, weather permitting, I will get to see Zeus play bass as my favorite ladies sing "Magic Man," like my father before me. I bought an umbrella for the occassion.

**prays for rain**
» By the way...
Now that we have told most of the important peoples, I can announce on here that Boy and I are engaged. :)

But we don't plan to hitch for over a year (June 22, 08) so DON'T ASK ME IF I HAVE THE WHOLE WEDDING PLANNED YET!!! It is far away from today, and your answer is no. Heh.

And no... there is also no romantic proposal story and no silly expensive ring that will soon be replaced by another one anyway. And we like it that way. Because we are weird, that's why.

Well, what else do you expect when a scientifical Baptist and a voyeuristic pagan hook up? **wink**
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