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HedonHeathen's Hoppin' Hobbit Hole

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Tis a gift to be simple, tis a gift to be free, Jan. 20th, 2009 @ 02:13 pm
...tis a gift to feel proud of my country for the first time in years.

There really aren't words, but I'll make some anyway.

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Public post for the record Jul. 8th, 2008 @ 03:44 pm
This journal is and has been for a while friends-only.

Ta da.

Public Service Info: Outdoor Oklahoma Wedding Venues Jul. 26th, 2007 @ 10:22 pm
I know that I *just* said I wasn’t going to be posting much (and I still mean that), but I know that these things come up on Google and I personally did not find much there when I tried it. This is more of a public service announcement, for anyone else who does a search for: Outdoor Central Oklahoma Wedding Venues.

After going through Google, the wedding planner advertisement guides, and following up on referrals from work and family, I came up with a list of 20 places. I did not personally go to all of these because I am looking for things that fit my OWN needs, which is thus: 50-75 guest wedding, some flexibility in the package price, rental of more than the space, in June of 2008. I did all of this within the last two weeks and here is the information I have found.

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Backing Off Jul. 21st, 2007 @ 02:41 pm
I'm not going to be posting here so much. It's not important.

Originally I started this to keep in touch with long-distance friends. But you know what, almost all of you have my contact information, and if nothing else, can at least message me through lj or myspace. And for most of you: vice-versa. Why do I need blab on here about my everyday activities so much? Or even my random opinions? Who cares? Do I really need to be ~~talking~~ so much? About ME? I already know myself... well, half of myself. Most of myself, I think. (Those questions are all rhetorical, by the way) I just don't feel the need so much anymore to do it.

And with yoga and modeling, burlesque and work, doing wedding stuff, and attempting to maintain a semblence of normal life with a relatively clean household and decent relationships with my friends and family, I don't need this one more thing.

 I'll still read and occassionaly comment on my friend's journals. I'll probably post once in a while.

But mostly, I just want to hang out.
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Hooting Outloud Jul. 19th, 2007 @ 07:56 pm
Cheers to John Mellencamp, who soundly bested Stephen Colbert in verbal dual, a feat almost unheard of.

Mellencamp: 1
Colbert: 0
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Other entries
» Rushing Rising Rivlets
I know that at this point, more rain in my home state is bad. No debating, it's just hands-down bad for everyone: many of the rivers and lakes are at flood levels, stretched out into the floodplains to block off roads and chase people out of their homes, and who knows how many poor crops in our agricultural state have been washed away or how many cattle have drowned.

It usually stops raining sometime in June, and then there is nothing until September and October. Aside from the occassional cold front, June through August is usually exceptionally dry. Consequentially, I know people who think that we still haven't seen the first of summer just because it's still raining.

But I can't help it. It still makes me happy. I love the rain. I like the sound, the look, the feel, and today and yesterday I even got lovely thunder and lightning. Today's rain is COLD. I had to run indoors to my sweater after the cold water hit me. I know that technically, this rain is bad, but I still hear it thunder and get at least mildly excited about it.

For most of my memory, Oklahoma has been in drought. Last year a farmer buddy of mine lost almost all of his cotton to drought. It seems like we always have either not enough, or like now: too much.

Boy and I planned to get married outside. While I personally mind neither the rain nor the heat that is probable for our chosen wedding date, I'm beginning to wonder if I should be more considerate towards our guests and hold it indoors. :( My mother can't stand the heat (having had a heat stroke when I was younger), and not many people enjoy sitting in the rain.

Well. It's something to think about.
» People should act humane... or at least human.
4th of July was great, if too short. We got to spend it with all the Tulsa guys and Boy's folks. I somehow came back with an out-of-place sacrum and went straight to the chiropractor... NO CLUE how that happened as we just sat around all day. But. Now I want to rest on a heating pad rather than finish folding my laundry. *pout* Hey, you guys remember when we used to bounce? Wasn't that nice?

Anyway... my older brother's hometown is one of those flooded by the Neosho River right now and I don't think we have current contact info for him anymore. I hope he still has all his stuff, and his kid and car are ok. As a paramedic and a fireman, this must be a hella busy year for him.

I read in the paper the other day about a 27-year old girl that got stabbed in a grocery store, and FIVE people stepped over her and ignored her (except for the one who stopped to TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE OF HER)before someone stopped and called 911. FIVE. This means that five out of six people in Wichita grocery stores are cold, heartless, and inhuman. She bled out for minutes before anyone tried to help her, and then she died. Minutes matter, people.

I was thinking about how terrible this is, but the shocking thing is that as much as I love my home and Oklahomans are known for being helpful and kind, it could have been here. Because I was shocked and amazed to hear that the woman who used our phone when her apartment was burning did not come to us first. She had asked several other people (I forget if she said three or five) before us, and no one else would help her. A little old lady in her pajamas and house shoes, with her house burning behind her, who just wanted to call for help!

I understand that people turn down others all the time when they ask for help, because they can't give what is needed or because they feel threatened by the asker or for a variety of other reasons, but people:
How can anyone be in any more sincere, dire need of a simple little thing than these two women were? How can a person be more obviously NOT a threat when they are asking for help? How can anyone tell them no unless their situation is just as dire?

It's appalling, people. Appalling.

These people should be kicked out of the human race. I don't see how a human could do that to another human. The heavens cry.
» Florida and NOLA
First off, YAAY for vacation! Pictures and details behind the cut.

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I came back COVERRED in these little bite things. Just on both thighs, I have over fifty bites, and they are all over me. Boy did not get them, nor did his boss, but his boss's fiancee also got them. Someone said they were sand fleas??? Whatever. I hope they go away quick.

Also, Kid moved out this evening, on five minute's notice. Apparently a buddy's parents offered him a free suite with a king size bed and tv, as well as a job until school starts, for the next month, and he left post haste (Boy and I helped him pack... he needed it). So, YAAAY! Now we can clean the house, and quit hiding stuff in our room, and fighting over the computer.

Kid got a sudden spurt of responsibility shortly before we left. I was actually very proud of him. He called me at work before I left in a panic, expecting me to save him (that is, co-sign for a loan) and I said no. By the time I got home he had suddenly taken responsibility for his own life: Got a job, sold one of his two computers, and placed an ad in the paper for his car. Woe to his job that only had him on staff for one week before he left for school. There are kinks in his plans, because life is not a smooth ride, but I was proud of him for finally getting off his ass and starting to take care of himself, especially when I know how hard it is for him to give up his car and his favorite, brand new computer. Maybe he'll shape up in time to make it through college after all.
» Would you like to swing on a star?
During the summer, the farmer's market opens up once a week down the street from work. I went for the first time this season yesterday, and was a bit disappointed. There were only 2 produce vendors, and the rest were artisans. The man I bought beef jerky and sausage from all last year was absent, as were the people who made the marvellous cheese. I guess they didn't make enough to want to come back. It's not my fault. I wound up with just beans and carrots.

However, there was one familiar face that I was very pleased to see; that of one of the street performers. The street performers downtown usually aren't repeat acts. I'm not sure why as they are actually getting paid to be there, but I periodically see ones whom I am really impressed with (like the Orange Man, who juggled on stilts in furry pants) and watch for them. Usually I never see them again!

But there's this one woman who often sat by the water wheel fountain with her guitar wearing hippie panchos. I was indifferent to her at first (not a big blues fan), but she grew on me - her presence is warm and she is aware of the passers-by. She sits there with her dark hair pulled back, freckles popping out, eyes twinkling, and smiling - even glowing - while she sings the blues. She nods to the people who walk by and she has a unique earthy voice.

Since there weren't many vendors I was intersted in, I bought a snow cone and sat in front of her to eat it, periodically cheering for her. Most of the songs she sings she wrote herself but that day, to my delight, she departed from the blues to sing "Would You Like to Swing on a Star?"

I finally caved in and bought one of her CDs. It was only ten bucks. It's far more than ten bucks of goodness, though, so I think that I'll buy her other CD the next time I see her. My favorite song ("Catch o' the Day") was a short, adorable ditty about a woman trying to convince a guy to go fishing with her because she has a crush. So cute. I want to turn it into a burlesque act eventually...

The website could use some work, but here she is:

And here are reviews for the album I bought, with music samples:
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