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HedonHeathen's Hoppin' Hobbit Hole

Where all good fuzz-foots go to party...

All right. While the bio in the following paragraph is still mostly accurate, I'm currently a little less schizophrenic in lifestyle. I'm an environmental scientist by trade (specialty: air quality and related policy). I work for the government, and I actually do like it. I teach dance. And the rest is still correct.

I have taken to calling myself "professionally confused" as an occupation because I never seem to be able to do only one thing and be satisfied with it. So I am normally working 2-3 jobs plus life - that's just who I am for right now. I'm a scientist, a model, a yogini. I'm a dancer, a performer of various sorts, and a salesperson. I am a massage therapist. I'm an everything in training. I am married to a wookie Chemist. The exploits of my days as a stripper, a ballroom dance teacher, a cocktail waitress, a singing and stripping telegram girl, a college student, a few types of lab tech, a gardener, and other various sundries are in my back posts along with mentions of my other faire, con, and random adventures. I repeatedly make the mistake of thinking I'm normal only to be shocked when I learn (again) that I am not.