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Previous Entry People should act humane... or at least human. Jul. 6th, 2007 @ 10:48 am Next Entry
4th of July was great, if too short. We got to spend it with all the Tulsa guys and Boy's folks. I somehow came back with an out-of-place sacrum and went straight to the chiropractor... NO CLUE how that happened as we just sat around all day. But. Now I want to rest on a heating pad rather than finish folding my laundry. *pout* Hey, you guys remember when we used to bounce? Wasn't that nice?

Anyway... my older brother's hometown is one of those flooded by the Neosho River right now and I don't think we have current contact info for him anymore. I hope he still has all his stuff, and his kid and car are ok. As a paramedic and a fireman, this must be a hella busy year for him.

I read in the paper the other day about a 27-year old girl that got stabbed in a grocery store, and FIVE people stepped over her and ignored her (except for the one who stopped to TAKE A FREAKING PICTURE OF HER)before someone stopped and called 911. FIVE. This means that five out of six people in Wichita grocery stores are cold, heartless, and inhuman. She bled out for minutes before anyone tried to help her, and then she died. Minutes matter, people.

I was thinking about how terrible this is, but the shocking thing is that as much as I love my home and Oklahomans are known for being helpful and kind, it could have been here. Because I was shocked and amazed to hear that the woman who used our phone when her apartment was burning did not come to us first. She had asked several other people (I forget if she said three or five) before us, and no one else would help her. A little old lady in her pajamas and house shoes, with her house burning behind her, who just wanted to call for help!

I understand that people turn down others all the time when they ask for help, because they can't give what is needed or because they feel threatened by the asker or for a variety of other reasons, but people:
How can anyone be in any more sincere, dire need of a simple little thing than these two women were? How can a person be more obviously NOT a threat when they are asking for help? How can anyone tell them no unless their situation is just as dire?

It's appalling, people. Appalling.

These people should be kicked out of the human race. I don't see how a human could do that to another human. The heavens cry.
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Date:July 6th, 2007 05:36 pm (UTC)
I'm sorry about your back. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

I'm glad you had fun for the 4th.

I totally agree with you. One of the basic rules of society no matter what your religion, but especially for Christians is "Do unto others as you would have done unto you" Its something we should all live by. I try my best to, although I know I'm not perfect by any means. But it just makes sense. Why on Earth should you treat someone in a way you, yourself wouldn't want to be treated. Its horrible how the world has become this way. All I can say is shame on those people who treat people like that and all we can do is try to lead by example and do the best we can.
Date:July 6th, 2007 10:29 pm (UTC)
"It's appalling, people. Appalling.

These people should be kicked out of the human race. I don't see how a human could do that to another human. The heavens cry."

See why I'm pissed off frequently? Welcome to my nightmare.
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Date:July 7th, 2007 03:15 am (UTC)
I'm very glad I got to see you again. I felt a little guilty about skipping work, but as you and numerous others explained, I didn't have much to lose. Besides, I get to work several times a week, but I only get to see you once every few months.

You're right about the convenience store stabbing story - it's appalling. It reminds me of the Kitty Genovese case from a few decades ago, which we discussed in one of my psychology classes. I understand that paranoia and suspicion run rampant in today's society, and that some twisted people will go to great lengths to hurt and deceive others, but I'll never understand how someone could ignore a dying person.
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Date:July 7th, 2007 02:53 pm (UTC)
My goodness. :(

I am pretty sure I could get murdered in my parking lot and no one would do anything about it, either. There are all these idiot children that run around screaming as though their life depends on it (including calling for help), and yet you look out the window and (unless it's a pair of drunks) it's stupid twirps goofing off, chasing each other, or simply standing there screaming to try to startle people. I really hope that none of them is ever sincere, because they might be sol due to their own actions.
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Date:July 8th, 2007 02:23 am (UTC)
I hope your back gets better. What a heart-wrenching story about the woman who was stabbed, I guess there are so many people who are too self-involved to help someone who really needs it once in a while, it's horrific!
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Date:July 9th, 2007 03:02 am (UTC)
I was totally going to mention Genovese syndrome, and link to that exact story on the Crime Library, but I see someone beat me to it.

There are other, similar stories out there. I've cried when I've read every one of them. I haven't yet found myself in a position where I might help someone in a situation like that. I like to think I'd help, though you really can't know until it comes up.

I can't imagine just leaving someone bleeding or denying someone a phone just to get help, though. I can't imagine ignoring cries for help, and I think about what it would be like to be that person...:::shudders:::

I hope your back's getting better, babe.
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